Puff pastry pizza is one of my absolute favourites for several reasons with the first being how easy it is to quickly make. You can do whatever topping combination you like however if you don’t feel like thinking I have a couple of simple examples in this recipe that are incredibly treat!

If you don’t have time to make dough or sick of the pre-made bases you buy at the supermarket, then puff pastry is a fantastic alternative. It is light, crunchy and actually adds quite a bit of flavour.

Another great thing about puff pastry is how multipurpose it is. For example, you can cook both savoury and sweet meals with it. Speaking of desserts one of my personal favourite desserts made with puff pastry is apple turnovers. Great little crunchy parcels with apple inside!

As there are so many pizza topping combinations you can do I would love to hear any of your favourites. To share your favourites, you can simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

If you want to see how to quickly put these puff pastry pizzas together then be sure to check out the video above. It takes you through everything you need to know for making this amazing tasty pizza.

Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

Puff Pastry Pizza

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Cooking Tips:

  • Make sure the oven is at the desired temperature before adding the pizzas in. If it isn’t then you will find the puff pastry won’t rise very much leaving you with disappointingly flat pizzas.
  • Try not to overload the pastry with too many ingredients as it might become soggy and not very enjoyable. Sometimes less is more!
  • Make sure you let the puff pastry defrost before trying to cut it. If it is still frozen it may crack and splinter when you cut it. Also don’t refreeze puff pastry as it will not puff up next time you go to cook it.

The puff pastry pizza scrolls are very similar to this dish but instead of having a flat pizza you have tasty scrolls that are simply amazing.

If you’re an absolute fan of this type of pastry, then be sure to check out all my puff pastry recipes. There is an ever growing list of easy recipes that you’re able to whip up without any cooking knowledge.

Hopefully you enjoy this super easy puff pastry pizza recipe and didn’t have any trouble with making it. If you have a variation that you would love to share or just general feedback, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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