This overnight French toast casserole is one of the tastiest cooked breakfasts and is actually really simple to make.

If you’re a bit of a sweet tooth then you will love this recipe that is easily prepared the night before then baked in the morning for about 30-40 minutes. This is also great if you’re cooking for a crowd as this will feed at least 4-6 people.

If you have the time then some bacon goes absolutely amazing on the side of this french toast casserole. You can simply fry some up or even oven bake some when you’re cooking the casserole in the morning.

The leftovers of this dish keep really well so make sure you don’t throw any out. It last for a few days in the fridge before needing to be discarded. Simply reheat in the microwave whenever you need something to eat.

Would you prefer to watch a video on how to this amazing French Toast Casserole up? Check out the video I have prepared above.

The Overnight French Toast Casserole Recipe

Overnight French Toast Casserole

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Cooking Tips:

  • If you have the time bacon goes great with the casserole. Serve a couple of rashers with each serving of the oven baked French toast.
  • If you don’t have 6-8 hours to wait for the egg mix to soak in then you can encourage it by pushing down on bread. This will help the bread absorb the mix faster and should be ready not long after.
  • An overnight French toast casserole is great as you do almost all the work night before. If you have anything else to go with it see if you can prepare this so all you have to do is cook and serve.
  • Experiment with the topping, the topping in this recipe is very basic you can try something like a praline topping if you have the time to do it.

A different variation on this recipe is something like a slow cooker french toast casserole. This is very similar to this recipe but is instead cook over the course of 8 hours. The biggest difference between the two is the oven version will give you a crispier casserole and the slow cooker will give you a softer casserole.

If you have anything to share, variations or anything else about this french toast casserole then feel free to drop me a comment below.

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