This easy nachos recipe is a great party food that is not only simple to make but is also great tasting. If you need to make more than this recipe provides simply just double the recipe.

For those who don’t know, nachos is a dish that originated out of Mexico. Traditionally it is just tortilla chips covered with a cheese based sauce. However, in this recipe will be doing a variant that makes use of refried beans, salsa and some beef mince (Ground Beef).

If you’re not a fan of mince you can simply omit from the recipe or replace with a different meat such as shredded chicken or pork. You can leave the meat out completely if you would prefer to not have any meat in there at all.

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Easy Nachos Recipe

easy nachos recipe

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Cooking Tips:

  • If you need to make the nachos in a real rush you can use a microwave but this will probably result in soggy nachos and may not taste nearly as good.
  • Homemade nachos are not only great tasting but you have the freedom to change it to whatever you like best. Experiment and work out what combination of flavors work best for you.
  • Check out the easy guacamole recipe if you’re looking for some yummy guacamole to go with this nachos recipe.
  • If you’re running low on corn chips but have some spare tortillas you can use my easy homemade tortilla chips recipe to make some. It doesn’t take very long at all and taste just as good as the bought corn chips.

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