This mug brownie recipe is one of the easiest desserts to quickly whip up after dinner or even as a nice sweet snack if you’re feeling a little peckish.

I made this mug brownie using a typical household microwave however you may find that you will need to adjust the time required to cook it. If your brownie is coming out less than perfect then check out our cooking tips below the recipe for information on improving the outcome of this recipe.

Try to make sure your mug is large enough for this recipe. If you have a mug too small, then the mix might overflow and make a complete mess out of your microwave.

If you want to see how this amazing brownie in a mug is done then check out the video I have prepared above. If you’re a fan of lazy cooking then make sure you subscribe to channel so you stay up to date with all the latest and greatest recipes, cooking tips and much more.

The Mug Brownie Recipe

Mug Brownie Recipe

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Cooking Tips:

  • If you’re finding the brownie too grainy try reducing the sugar or use a finer sugar such as caster sugar.
  • Like the brownie a little gooey? try cooking it for about 30-40 seconds instead.
  • Don’t stress on exact quantities too much as long as you don’t go overboard you should be right.
  • If you’re looking for a vegan mug brownie, then you won’t need to look any further. Just use oil rather than butter and don’t add any of the optional extras such as cream and ice cream.
  • If you find that the brownie tastes a little weird it may be the cocoa you’re using. Try to avoid the cheaper varieties of cocoa or any mixes that has added sugar.

A popular variation you can try with this recipe is adding chocolate chips into the mix. This would make it a fair bit sweeter but you end up with lovely gooey bits of chocolate throughout the brownie.

If you love chocolate and you love a similar recipe, then you should try checking out the self-saucing chocolate pudding. This is great if you want an easy yet delicious pudding for dessert. It involves a bit more work unlike this recipe.

If you have any tips, variations or improvements to this mug brownie recipe then please feel free to leave a comment below!

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