A ham cheese egg bread bowl is one of those dishes that doesn’t just taste great but leaves little to no cleaning up to do.

These are rolls very simple to do and can be thrown together at the very last minute. They also make for great meal if you have people around as you can easily make them in bulk.

If you’re not a fan of ham then you can always try swapping this out for something else such as chicken loaf or even salami. There are some great cooking tips right underneath the recipe that should help you perfect this delicious breakfast/snack.

Would you prefer to watch a video on how to ham, cheese, egg bread bowl recipe up? Then be sure to check out the video I have prepared above.

Ham Cheese Egg Bread Bowl Recipe

Easy Cheesy Egg Ham Bread Bowl

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Cooking Tips:

  • You can also use salami or even smoked salmon in exchange for ham but make sure you get it thinly sliced so you’re able to layer it.
  • Keep in mind the oven you’re using some cook faster than others. I am using a fan forced so it cooks little bit faster than other sorts of ovens.
  • Keep in mind how thick your outer wall of the bread is, the thicker the longer it will take to cook the egg.
  • If you’re feeling like using a few dishes then you could use a creamy scrambled egg mix instead of just an egg for a creamier and different filling. (More quiche like)
  • You can add more fillings but keep in mind every ingredient may cause it to take longer to cook and also have a completely different outcome.
  • If you’re running low on time then you can cook this in the microwave instead. Just make sure you don’t wrap it in foil. The downside to doing this is that it will come out a bit soft instead of crunchy.

I hope you end up loving this cheesy egg and ham bread bowl. If you have any variations, comments or changes to the recipe feel free to drop us a comment below!

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