This is a deep fried camembert recipe that is so amazing you will find yourself going back for seconds, third or more. The best thing about these gooey crunchy cheese wedges is that they’re really easy to quickly cook up.

These little fried cheese blocks are great by themselves or you can include them in many things such as salads, wraps and much more. I personally love cooking them up for a lunch as their quick and easy.

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Deep Fried Camembert Recipe

deep fried camembert

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Cooking Tips:

  • Deep fried camembert goes amazing with some cranberry sauce. Also it goes well in a salad as well if you’re looking to have something a bit healthier with these gooey cheese bits.
  • It’s really important not to use olive oils in a deep fryer as these not only impart a lot of their flavour into the food they also have a low burning point.
  • Don’t drop the camembert into the deep fryer as this will cause a splash possibly burning yourself and also making your kitchen dirty. Simply place into the oil and it should start cooking.
  • It is important to have the oil at the right temperature when using a deep fryer or even if you’re shallow frying. If you put it in when the oil is not hot enough your food will absorb the oil and become a soggy and a not very enjoyable mess.
  • To change this fried camembert recipe up a bit you can chopped herbs such as parsley or chives to the breadcrumb mix to help add a bit more flavour.

If you’re fan of all things deep fried, then you should take a look at our gooey deep fried mars bar recipe or even the delicious homemade corn dogs. Both these are very simple to make and taste delicious.

I hope this recipe has shown you how to make deep fried camembert. If you have any thoughts, variations or anything else you would like to share with me please drop me a comment below. Also be sure to follow me on social so you stay up to date.

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