This corn dog batter recipe is absolutely fantastic for anyone who is looking for a great recipe to recreate those classic corn dogs that you get at a show, festival or fair.

To recreate the famous fair/show corn dog right at home simply follow this super easy recipe. It’s pretty straight forward and the end result is absolutely delicious.

Even though I have instructions on how to shallow fry I do still highly recommend that you deep fry them for the best result. If you shallow fry you may have issues with the batter not staying on as well as you probably would like.

Would you prefer to watch a video on how to this amazing homemade corn dog recipe up? Be sure to check out the video I have prepared above.

The Corn Dog Batter Recipe

Corn Dog Batter Recipe

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Cooking Tips:

  • You can make mini-corn dogs that are great for parties or platters. To do this simply cut the hot dogs into thirds or quarters and use toothpicks instead of the skewers.
  • A great way to easily coat the hot dogs is still fill a drinking glass with the batter and then simply dip the hot dogs into the glass.
  • If you scale it the recipe to the point you need a half an egg make sure you use half an egg otherwise your mix will be runny and very hard to use.
  • You can adjust this corn cob batter recipe to make it more to your liking. Adding mustard powder and other addition can greatly change the overall taste of the corn cob hot dog.
  • If you plan on baking these in the oven you should make note that these will not come out as well as the batter may slide off of the dog.

If you love using hot dogs in recipes then something like the crunchy pigs in a blanket recipe might also interest you. Much like this recipe it features hot dogs but they’re instead wrapped up in puff pastry then baked.

If you have any questions, variations or anything else about this corn dog batter recipe, then please feel free to drop a comment below.

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